How Electric Companies Deliver Electricity To Customers

September 132013

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People use it every single day. It powers the modern lifestyle, and many people even take it for granted. However, a lot of people don’t know how electricity gets to their home, that’s why they let electric companies texas – Reliant Energy Company take care of it for them. Energy generation is a simple concept, but the way that electricity is delivered to homes can get a bit complex. After turning on the heater or television, most people never think about how electricity is delivered to their home. It’s obvious that electricity comes from an electrical outlet, but the electricity flowing through a household electrical outlet must first come from an energy company.

How It Works

The process of generating electricity and distributing it to thousands of paying customers is complex. When you consider that energy can be generated in many different ways, the process seems even more complex. Many electric companies use a variety of sources to generate electricity, which might include natural gas, coal and nuclear fuel. Before the electricity generated by a power plant ever reaches a home, it must travel through a distribution system that is very sophisticated.

Step Up the Voltage

The first step of the process is stepping up voltage. At most power plants, electricity is generated at an average of 20,000 volts. The electricity generated at a power plant is forced through a transformer that increases the voltage from 20,000 up to 138KV or 345KV. The purpose of stepping up the voltage is to ensure the electricity can easily travel long distances. Some electric companies have thousands of miles of transmission lines.

From Transmission to Delivery

All transmission lines carry electricity to various substations. Since electricity voltage is increased during the first step, it must be decreased before customers can receive it. Transformers decrease electrical voltage back to 34.5KV or 13.8KV, which enables the electricity to travel through small transmission lines. Eventually, it will find its way into commercial and residential structures.

Heading Home

The final step involves electricity being transferred through small transmission lines. Some areas have over 10,000 miles of transmission lines. Electric companies might send electricity through underground or overhead transmission lines. All of these transmission lines connect to various transformers. It’s the transformers that further reduce the electricity’s voltage, which makes it possible for the electricity to be delivered into homes and businesses. Wires that are called service drops are what transfer electricity from transformers to homes and businesses. All service drops connect to some type of meter box, which is what measures the amount of electricity a customer uses. The electrical wires that are located inside the walls of a home or building are always connected to a wire drop. This is the entire process that shows how electricity travels from electric companies to homes and businesses.

Golfing in Elegant Victoria, BC

July 92013

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Visit the IMAX Theater in the Royal BC Museum

May 242013

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As one of the largest museums in the western part of Canada, the Royal BC Museum boasts a n expanding collection of items and documents related to human and natural history. In addition to offering fascinating exhibitions, the Royal BC Museum in the city of Victoria also offers entertainment for the whole family in an IMAX Theater.

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Beautiful Flowers in Buchart Gardens

May 222013

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The Buchart Gardens has its roots in the early part of the 20th century, when a skilled garden designer from Japan traveled to Victoria, B.C., to design a garden at Esquimalt Gorge Park. The park was a popular place for Victoria and Vancouver society people to gather and be seen by one another, and one of the frequent visitors to the park, Jenny Buchart, commissioned the Japanese designer to work on her estate gardens.

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Treasures in the Royal BC Museum

May 182013

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As one of the premier educational and cultural centers in Canada, the Royal BC Museum boasts an extensive collection of artifacts and items about the country’s rich history. Located in British Columbia’s capital city of Victoria, the Royal BC Museum has a great permanent collection of natural history items related to birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, dinosaurs and plants. Visitors can explore the unique wildlife, vegetation and geography of Canada through these collections that are often rotated to present new material. The Native Plant Garden is definitely Read the rest of this entry »

Whale Watching in Victoria B.C.

May 162013

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If you are going to be visiting the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, in the future, you are probably already aware that you will find no shortage of fun and interesting activities. Victoria is one of the loveliest cities in the world, with a mild, maritime climate and gorgeous views of the mountains on one side and the Pacific ocean on the other. One of the most exciting activities available in Victoria is going on a whale watching tour in the Pacific Ocean. It is possible for participants Read the rest of this entry »

Tourist Attractions around Winnipeg

May 152013

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As the largest city and capital of the Manitoba province in Canada, Winnipeg boasts plenty of tourist attractions. Since 1965, the Manitoba Museum has been educating the public about the city’s rich heritage and history. Offering exhibitions on human and natural history, this large museum also features a planetarium and a science gallery. The Manitoba Children’s Museum is another family friendly attraction in the city. This children’s museum features more than ten fun themed galleries.

The Winnipeg Read the rest of this entry »